Cuisine Machine Logo Revamp Project

This project is a revamp of a logo I did several years ago. Back then, my friends Ali and Tim Good were getting into the food truck business, and awesome, brave clients that they are, they let me convince them to put a giant artichoke on their truck! For their branding, I wanted their logo to act like a landmark. Because with some businesses, it's all about the buzz, and getting people talking, especial in our socially connected valley, is important. The logo did just that, and people used the iconic artichoke to describe the business exactly as hoped. I would overhear people at the farmer's market saying something like "try the yak burger at the cuisine machine truck, you know, the one with the big artichoke on the side!" and I knew that my idea had worked!  Fast forward about ten years, and the company has grown quite a bit. Last year Tim and Ali stopped doing markets, and now they have moved primarily into the private party and wedding industry (The Flathead Valley is a great place to have a wedding and the industry is growing every year).  Their logo did not need to fill the landmark role now, and though the food is still the same great local and organic fare,  the look needed to be less funky-casual, and a touch more on the elegant side to align with their client's needs and compliment their current business strategy.

After much deliberation over the artichoke, we finally decided to keep the original fun and funky veg, just cleaned up slightly and turned to 90 degrees. Then I added some side flourishes to balance the look. I think this works perfectly for all the ways this logo needs to be used; chef coat embroidery, menu header, business cards, advertisements, and side-of-the-truck truck signage. Since we were going with the original artichoke, finding the right font was important. We needed something with flourish, but also something that could still be quite readable for use on the side of the truck. We ended up grabbing a license for this Typnic script and then making a few subtle changes, like loosening up the s, and disconnecting the capitols to give it a more open feeling and improve it's readability.
The original logo on the truck
The original logo 
A few examples of the different artichokes we considered
The new logo adapted for the Facebook profile image square
Some shots from the initial sketching process
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