So this is my passion project. We love pictures of our children. I'd guess most parents have thousands of fun snapshots of their kids, but how often do we really set out to intentionally capture them in a dignified way?  
When looking through my grandmothers' beautiful black and white photo books I was always struck by the family portraits. Especially the black and whites of the children posed with their toys, or dressed crisply and sitting before the photographer. It gave them such dignity, and the print itself is a treasure to last a lifetime.  
For me, this really started to hit home when my daughter was in third grade... I always would look forward to seeing how my daughter's school pictures turned out (usually with incredibly messy hair, some lunch remnants on her shirt) and feel slightly let down when they actually did come back. I didn't really want to frame them,  the little wallet prints were cute, and fun to send to grandma for her picture collection, but I knew they weren't going to fulfill this desire I had to for a keepsake. As an artistic person, I want to frame a picture of my child that has texture, depth, and beautiful contrast. I want something that shows the time taken to present herself, the spirit in her eyes...  This is what I want to work on and share as a photographer, to leave behind as a legacy, and to offer as a service to my community.  
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