Interested in hiring me to create your logo? Here’s how it works.

As any experienced graphic designer will tell you, the logo development process is a continually evolving thing, and doesn’t ever exactly follow any basic format because it is a creative process, and creative processes are messy by nature! However, a good clear plan is essential to keep both the client and the designer organized. It also provides a framework of expectations for the client and keeps the design from getting off track and going in too many directions, which can easily happen when brainstorming ideas. Having a set limit of sketches and edits is very important for keeping the design process moving smoothly and considering each phase carefully. Below is what the average logo process usually looks like.

Step 1: Introduction
It starts with an introductory meeting/email/phone call with the client. In this first meeting we’ll chat a bit just to get the basic idea of what you need, exchange contact information etc. I may run you through a list of questions from my client call in sheet to make sure no stone is unturned and that we both start off on solid footing.

Step 2: Gathering the Information
After our first talk, I'll think about your project, see if I have any questions and we'll make sure all the information is gathered from the client's end. If it is pertinent to your project I"ll have you download this handy designbrief.pdf and fill it out the applicable fields as much as possible. When you are ready, we’ll set a time to go over the particulars of the project using the design brief as an outline.

Step 3: Design Brief Meeting
During the design briefing meeting we really dig into all the particulars; style, function, usage, timeline, budget, how many initial sketches you would like to see, any additional graphics packages or services etc. We will also establish which method of communication works best for you and make sure there are checks and balances along the way to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.*

Step 4: Proposal
After I have all the information I need, I will put together a project proposal, which includes a complete overview of the project, service terms and agreements, and a bid contract and send it to you to look over. Upon your approval of the proposal, signing of the contract and my receipt of 50% of the bid, I then start producing the sketches.

Step 5: Sketching
From the first round of sketches, the client picks one sketch as the main design direction, and may request up to 3 rounds of edits (unless a different agreement is decided upon - for folks that know what they want, less sketches are needed, for the client that needs more research and development, an extensive sketching phase may be advisable). If the logo design is going to be including a purchased font, discussion and research into that aspect will happen at this time. The client gets up to 3 contact sheets showing different fonts applied to the logo if needed. A typical contact sheet can hold 3 - 6 logos depending on design size.

Step 6: Digital Creation

Upon final approval of the sketches*, the logo is created digitally (usually in black & white) either in Photoshop or Illustrator. If particular fonts need to be decided on and purchased that usually happens at this point.

Step 7: Color

After the artwork is digitized, the client then approves or gets up to 2 more minor edits before the color process begins. If needed, a contact sheet of up to 4 different color palettes applied to the logo can be requested. After the color palette is decided on the logo is finalized and upon approval of the final logo, the remaining amount of the payment is due and the client receives the files.

Step 8: Unveiling 
Unveil your new logo to the world! Did you know I can also help you with setting up social media accounts, branding, photography and business marketing & advertising plans and materials? If you are interested in these services please let me know.

*Communication and my availability:
Good, clear communication is key to a smooth logo design project and is especially important to establish in the first briefing.  I am a great communicator and will do my best to answer you in a timely manner. My business hours are Monday - Friday 9 - 3:00 Rocky Mountain Time.

*If significant changes (i.e. new sketches or a completely new design direction) are requested at any point past the digitizing phase, the contract will be re-negotiated, or the client will agree to a billing of an hourly rate of $65.00 per hour on top of the initial price for the extra time required to produce new sketches and digitized artwork.
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