Photography Services & Pricing
Pricing guideline. Prices may differ from specific client bids*

Professional headshots, portrait and family portrait sessions: $65 per hour
Styled Product Photo-Shoot:
3 to 6 Product photo-shoot starts at $350.00
Deliverables: Close up and minimally styled individual and group shots of your products delivered to you sized in low resolution for your web needs and high resolution for use in magazines or newspaper advertisements. 

Small Business Spotlight Photo-shoot.
hourly rate $65 per hour 
Deliverables: Photos that encompass the business as a whole, with an aim to establish branding and provide appropriate shots for use across print, social and web media platforms. Can include individual staff shots, interior and exterior shots, product spotlights etc.

*Client needs vary so these prices are not firm but should be considered a guideline for pricing out my services. Price does not include travel expenses or specialty prop purchases or rentals. 

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