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Pricing guideline. Prices may differ from specific client bids*

Infant, Baby & Toddler Photo-Shoot:
1/2 day portrait photo-shoot $400-450.00
Full day portrait photoshoot $6-800.00
Session includes simple, original styling for each child with a choice of white or grey backdrops.  1/2 day is priced for one location, full day may include up to 3 locations or sets. Allow 3 to 6 business days for the editing process, after which your picture keepsakes of your child will be delivered as a high resolution digital file for you to print through the photo finisher of your choice. Natural light photography (no flashes in baby's tender eyes). Pricing structure listed is based on simple one-backdrop styling however I can also source specific props or backgrounds upon request.

Professional Head-shot Photo-Shoot:
1 person photo-shoot $250 - $350.00
3-5 people $100.00 per person

6 people or more $75.00 per person
Crisp, minimally styled shots for use on internet platforms & print materials delivered as high resolution digital files for print and requested sizes for web use.

Small Product Photo-Shoot:

3 Product photo-shoot $350.00
6 Product photo-shoot $600.00
Close up and minimally styled shots of your products delivered to you sized in low resolution for your web needs and high resolution for use in magazines or newspaper advertisements.

Styled Product Shoot:
Grouped product photo-shoot, minimal styling $350 - $450
Food styling photo-shoot, artisan style branding $450 - $650
Several photos and variations of one styled set up of your product, using tools/ingredients/florals/props to artistically accompany the product. Includes several closeups of the products involved in the photo-shoot as well. Delivered sized in web and print resolution.
great for use in an ad or article, on your website and for facebook and instagram.

Small Business Spotlight Photo-shoot.
$450.00 - $1500.00
photos that encompass the business as a whole, with an aim to establish branding and provide appropriate shots for use across print, social and web media platforms.

Social media, Marketing and Advertising Services Menu
For social media advertising to work, you need to be releasing quality images and content regularly. I can help you with this in three ways, the first being simply taking and providing photos for you to use on social media, the second, to provide training if needed, and the third would be to manage your social media accounts for you completely, for a predetermined amount of time, or as an ongoing service. The overall goal to utilize tried and true methods to gain and engage followers, and encourage them to support your business. How much and how often you want to use social media is up to you, so we could come up with a plan tailored to your needs, but here are a few basic packages to give you an idea. This service is available to Flathead Valley residents only. Travel expenses may apply.

Weekly Instagram + Facebook photography
$50 per week
Once a week for a predetermined time (could be spread out over the year as well), I stop in and do a mini photoshoot with the aim of getting 2 to 5 great iPhone (low resolution) photos for you to use for Instagram and Facebook accounts. Photos would be edited with your overall branding style in mind, and I would email them to you to post at a time of your choosing (I'd recommend one per day or every few days to start and then slow it down a little after you've established your accounts). I can also add text over the photos at an additional cost of $15 per photo. Text or graphics over the photo is an eye-catching way to get a quick information blast out such as; Holiday specials, customer appreciation messages, new hours, etc.

One Month Instagram + Facebook content building campaign + social media management training
Meet with you once a week for four weeks, provide DIY information on how to run and analyze your own social media accounts. help you set up, take photos and establish your photographic branding, help you set up your accounts and set up a year plan and posting schedule, work with you to compose posts with relevant keywords and review them for edits.

Monthly Instagram + Facebook content photography + social media management
$500 per month  
Once a week I stop in and take photos for release on your social media platforms. I'd compose posts with whatever content you need and email you to pre-approve posts before I released them. Service would include regular facebook and instagram posts, one "get followers" campaign to get the accounts established, either a giveaway or a raffle, and one hashtag campaign.

SEO (Search engine optimization) listing service
This is a one time service which involves checking your website’s keywords and content, submitting your business page to all relevant search engine platforms, local and state business listings, relevant online lists and smartphone map apps. This does not guarantee top listing on google’s first page, which takes time, good content, high traffic etc.

Marketing Analysis
After your social media accounts have been established for at least a year, it’s a good idea to analyze the feedback from your accounts to see which posts people respond most to. I’d take a look at your data, and meet with you to go over your numbers and discuss where changes need to be made and establish a plan for the calendar year going forward.

*Client needs vary so these prices are not firm but should be considered a guideline for pricing out my services. Price does not include travel expenses or specialty prop purchases or rentals. Also it’s important to note I am not at this time, a studio photographer with the requisite gear, studio space. I shoot natural light and on location only. I don’t do weddings, events, high speed or large scale location photography. If you are looking for those services I have a short list of very talented people I can recommend to you.

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